Ten coast redwood saplings were delivered to Lacey on January 9, 2017.

Derek Malone, left, and Zach Landgraf, Lacey Parks arborists, take delivery of ten redwood saplings for the City of Lacey Parks and Recreation on Jan 9, 2017.  Lacey plans to keep these in their greenhouse for a year or more to increase their size before planting. Lake Lois Habitat Preserve and Wonderwood Park are two of the locations under consideration for the planting of these trees.

Initial transplanting was completed on 1/12/2017. Trees were taken from original planting containers and potted into #3 containers. Potting media consisted of mushroom compost, sand, topsoil, and vermiculite. Trees will be left in Lacey greenhouse for duration of winter and be moved outdoors in the late spring of 2017.  Photo courtesy of Zach Landgraf.

Lacey Planting Data Sheet recorded for the initial transplant into larger #3 containers.

Ten coast redwood saplings ready for delivery to Lacey in January 2017.